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Mirage by Carenado

Aircraft for X-Plane by Carenado

Plane by carenado actually developed  this plane it is called a PA 46 Mirage and it's a pretty cool plane I actually bought this plane off their website for about thirty dollars us and I thought I'd just give you a quick overview of this plane today now I'm not going to be really looking at this from a technical point of view I'm just going to give you my personal opinion of this plane I think it's pretty cool I've seen add some other reviews of it and you know they've kind of picked on a few little minor things but personally I think the planes pretty cool and I'm pretty happy with it so let's have a look you got these little menus here on the outside and it can give you this this cool like little witches hats and the little I don't know what this thing is some sort of little pulley wheel.

If you've got a good graphics card then it pretty much is going to make that bit of difference let's let me turn their masters for job so we don't have that whistling sound so this is kind of what the interior looks like it's pretty cool you got this little driver's window here which is kind of cool and you get your default instrumentation navigation equipment don't even know what that thing is transponder etc so pretty standard sort of thing pretty standard instrumentation for a plane now don't profess to be a pile in fact I've only been playing explain for about maybe two weeks and so yeah don't expect me to come up with to know all the ins and out of a flying but it's definitely an interesting simulator and quite enjoyable one thing I would say and they don't think it's to do with the carenado planes is you do get these garmin 430s i think they're called so we'll just flick on this power here so if that comes up here the janus janus for 30 s and they're just not fully featured they're pretty plain but what I did find did see on the x-plane blog is that they're going to be replacing these and providing a much better more fully featured garmin replacement for these so hopefully they'll be fixing those to be a bit more feature-rich which be pretty cool now other than that it's pretty cool interior 

It does actually light up you'll see it does light up the interior here so we'll just let's just shut that passenger door can we get into the back a view from the rear yep see so we've got this pretty cool interior it's really nice and this actually does light up the aisle interior so if we were to pull down these little shutters here you can't actually pull these down which is kind of a pretty cool little feature now I think I've looked at the other carenado 
planes for explain and was pretty impressed let me see if I can get that down yeah might let me do it not quite making it there we go and that one yeah there we go and you'll see it it's actually lit up the whole the whole plane it's uh it's actually very well done some of the other ones some of the 
other models I've seen with carenado  planes it only spotlights the interior but in this particular model it actually does light up the interior so that looks like they've done a little bit of work on the lighting and made it a little bit more realistic so it's not sort of just a spotlight effect okay so that's that and I'll just slip these back up like so you hear that battery there is all just kind of starting to drive me insane I can't get that one back up now 
see if I can get it up from here no it's  bugged out it won't let me do it.

PA46 Malibu Mirage 350P

PA46 Malibu Mirage 350P HD

The Piper Malibu Mirage is a high-performance single engine aircraft by Carenado.

Carenado B58 Baron

Carenado B58 Baron

This Beechcraft Baron is a high performance twin-engine aircraft by Carenado.

Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado Centurion 210

Reality Expansion Pack for Carenado Centurion 210

Amazing enhancement which adds improved reality to the Carenado Centurion 210.