Learning To Fly With Flight Simulation Games

Flight Simulation is used to Train Professional Pilots. Image courtesy of NASA

Flight Simulation is used to Train Professional Pilots. Image courtesy of NASA

If flying, like great Sun City accommodation, is a dream you cherish, flight simulation games should be something you’ve tried at least once. These are computer or video games that give an idea of what it’s like to be in control of an aircraft whether it be a plane or helicopter. Simulation games, or “sim games”, as some people like to call them, began way back in 1947: it was a game of target shooting with a missile. The first electronic sim game came in 1958 when “Tennis for Two” was launched as a video game. Compared to today’s standards, these 2 games were like oil and water, but it was a start.

Today, there are so many versions of the simulation games in sports, fantasy, business, reality-types, and even dating. The flight simulation games are one genre that has surpassed imagination and become almost real: indeed, one may be tempted to look out a window and get an aerial view of the houses for sale in Gauteng!

The ways the games are created with lifelike characters, environment, and flight situations, it becomes uncanny and real. This accounts for the they enjoy popularity and the fact that many are willing to spend large amounts of money on them.

Flight Simulation Games … or Practice Training?

Incredibly, flight simulation games have become a training ground for pilots. The quality of the graphics and the flight controls, in some of the high-end paid games, have CAA-approved features. This makes them good enough for actual pilots to practice their skills under stressful situations. Many pilots and instructors have used these games for aircraft that they have yet to experience on the job.

However, one cannot learn to fly just by playing the game. One cannot also get certified as a pilot based on simulation playing. It only compliments formal training and education; it does not replace it.

How to Choose a Flight Simulation Game

When you first start out trying flying sim games, go for the free ones. There are a number of “clean websites” which translates to no threats of spyware or malware, which you can find on the Internet. Once you maximize your free games or feel you can graduate to the professional level, buy the best flying sim game you can afford.

Base your selection on the following factors:

  • Aircraft, airport, weather, and flying choices should be multiple and varied
  • Graphics should be sharp and do not distort when you play
  • It shouldn’t feel like a kid’s game
  • Multiple levels
  • Should have online support, wizard set-up, free updates, built-in manual and demos, and real-time features including Leaderboard
  • You should be able to learn the basics of flying and navigation

The Specs You Will Need to Play a Flight Simulation Game

With a flight simulation game, your computer or game console must be compatible or else it won’t work. What this means is that there are minimum specs for each simulation game. You need to find out what your device’s specs are in terms of hardware. For instance, what operating system do you use? Is it compatible with the game? If you’re still into circa Windows 95, or an open source early edition O/S, the chances of being able to play any new simulation game without crashing are not very good. Thus, before spending, take the time to check the specs carefully. Whether you own a PC running Windows, or looking for laptops for sale, or are even looking to buy an Apple Mac, it is almost guaranteed that the majority of contemporary FS games will run on either platform, so have fun!